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Beat The Blues Away With Enrapturing Music Put To Life By Car Speakers


Music has the powerful ability to lift up depressed souls and soothe wounded hearts. It magically lifts your spirits up and fills your life with fun and frolic. Whether it is a long solo drive up to the hills, a romantic late night drive with your girl; a fun filled ride with your gang of friends or just a normal ride in the midst of honking horns on a busy Monday morning rush to office; music forms your ideal companion in any of these scenarios. Speakers give life and depth to the music from car stereos. Getting the best speakers for cars ensure that you don’t miss any small beat of the soul stirring music. In case your car encounters any repair issues on the way, you could always turn to www.yourmechanic.com for professional mechanic assistance anytime, any day. Here are some points you need to consider before buying car speakers:

Measure Of Yield- Sensitivity!
Sensitivity is the measure of the quality of sound yielded from a speaker. In case the car stereo has low power, about 15 watts RMS or even lesser; it is better you opt for speakers with higher sensitivity, more than 90 db. Most of the factory installed car speakers will have less than 15 watts RMS or lesser only.

In case your car stereo has high power, about 16 watts RMS or greater than that; then you should opt for speakers with less sensitivity. Only when you match the power and sensitivity of stereo and speaker, you get high-quality sound for the music.

Measure Of Power-Power Handling!
Power handling is the measure of the quantity of power handled by the speaker. In case your stereo system has lower power, then it won’t have the capacity to handle higher powers. If your speaker has high powered external amps, then you would need to buy speakers that have power-handling capacity almost equal to the amps’ output.

Power handling is always determined by maximum RMS power-handling and not at all by the peak power handling. RMS ratings are those ratings that measure the power a speaker can handle over a continuous period and not for a small period. For a low power stereo, a two to fifty watts RMS will work the best than a ten to eighty watts RMS

Types Of Speakers
There are two major types of car speakers. They are the full-range speakers and the component speakers. Full range speakers are the most chosen option as it is hassle free and contains all the speaker components together in one. In case you wish to replace the factory version speakers but can’t spend a lot of time analyzing each component, then it is better you opt for a full-range speaker. These are easy to install and saves time.
Component speakers are much more superior in nature. This suits the perfectionists who want the best quality music and never want to miss even a small beat of the music. In this, all the components are separate and produce a much more realistic quality sound.