Know Some Facts To Combat Citronella Ants

Citronella Ants

The less popular Citronella ants are generally seen in American homes especially in the yards. Identifying this ant needs some skill as one has to check for the lemon scent these ants emit from their bodies. Read this short write-up to know how to get rid of citronella ants. Mostly, these ants are mistaken for termites. However, these insects are not as harmful as the termites. These Citronella ants in the soil and interestingly many people would have missed to these ants which live in colonies below the soil. It is for this reason; the people do not commonly see these insects.

Biologically known as Acanthomyops, these Citronella ants create their nests in the areas that are highly moisturized and in some places these ants are also known as ‘Moisture Ants’. These insects build their nests with the dirt from the earth surface, and according to the findings, large colonies of these unique ants are well seen in the Northern parts of America.

Elimination process

The nests of these Citronella ants can be easily eliminated by using the commercial insecticides. Since these ants are seen in the places of moisture, one needs to look for the places where water is stagnated or under the potted plants. It is strongly recommended to seal the cracked areas as well as in the firewood storage areas. Most of the infestation occurs when these ants fly and get into the homes especially during the summer months. These swarming ants are not harmful, and the male ants die quickly as the female ones lose their wings after some time. Without the wings, these female ants try to go under the soil to make new colonies. One can also do vacuuming these swarming insects when they are seen in the homes or the yards.

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