Month: December 2017

Why Drinking Fresh Juice Everyday Is Healthy


Though everyone is knowledgeable of the fact that the kind of food you ingest into your body affects the health, often you ignore and eat unhealthy food. A small change in diet can make a big difference to your health. These changes can be as simple as adding fresh juices as part of your diet. The benefits of juicing fruits and vegetables and consuming it are many, but the most important advantage is that it gives your body the needed nutrition. There are many recipes like,,20820849,00.html#banana-maple-smoothie which can make drinking juices fun along with adopting a healthy lifestyle.
You can add some greens to your juice along with fruit to make it flavorful as well. Listed below are a few benefits of drinking juices to reiterate the importance of it.

Better absorption of nutrients: Many people suffer from indigestion due to the bad food choices they have made over the years. Due to this, your body will be unable to absorb the much-needed nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you consume. When you are in such a situation juices can help. By juicing the fruits or vegetables, they are predigested meaning drinking juices the bloodstreams directly absorb the nutrition instead of going through the process of digestion thereby providing more nourishment to you than eating it. Even for a person with no digestion problems, juicing is a way to rest your digestive system and provide the needed nutrition and get energy quickly.

Acts as a detox: The quickest and the best way to detoxify your body is through juicing as you are readily supplying the benefits of fruits and vegetables to your body through juices. As you are aware, extracts are enriched with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes and are quickly absorbed. By drinking a glass of fresh juice daily, your body gets a boost by giving more energy and also detoxifying your body. Fresh juices are digested quickly and hence give more energy especially during illness.

Reduce weight: People who include fresh juices daily in their diet are more likely to lose weight over a period than those who do not. Drinking juices especially vegetable juices increase the intake of potassium and Vitamin C and also decrease the consumption of carbs in your diet. Apart from losing weight, you can even feel that your immune system is better as you have fewer allergy episodes and other illnesses. The digestion is also improved, and you have more balanced hormone production in your body. All in all, apart from weight loss drinking juices promote a better overall health.

Lesser food appetite: Even though you are not hungry, craving for a snack is very common among most people. That is because the body is craving for sugar, one of the best ways to curb this desire is through drinking juices. If you have a sugar craving, opt for a sweet fruit juice like apple or pear as these fruits contain natural sugar which is not harmful to your body. If you want to add more zing to your juices, you can try a combination of spices and herbs. You can also add tomatoes, pepper, and greens to make an excellent juice blend.